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Crosswalks Preschool

Crosswalks is an inclusive preschool program for 3- and 4- year-old children with and without disabilities. This is an innovative program that is offered for preschoolers who reside in Blount County. Crosswalks is based on the philosophy of Developmentally Appropriate Practice. This means the emphasis is on learning through a play-based, child-initiated approach. Instruction for each child is age appropriate as well as individually appropriate. We also focus on school readiness skills.

Combining children with and without disabilities is a fundamental component of the program’s philosophy. Children without disabilities benefit from learning about differences in same age peers and learn about disabilities at a young age before they form misconceptions. At the same time, children with disabilities benefit from appropriate interaction and observation of same-age peers.

For students with disabilities, their activities are adapted and/or modified based on his or her individual needs and according to Individual Education Programs (IEPs). A variety of curriculum techniques will include the following essential areas: play behavior, listening, speaking, pre-writing, manners, feeding skills, personal hygiene, pre-literacy, problem solving, thinking skills, gross and fine motor skills, social skills and safety.

*Parents/guardians are responsible for transportation to and from school.