Soft Skills Lessons K-12



Introduce Yourself

Remembering Names

Giving a Compliment

Accepting a Compliment

Non-Verbal Communication

Tone of Voice

Voice Volume

Making Eye Contact

Facial Expressions


Personal Space

Use of Touch


Interpreting Body Language

Identifying Emotions

How You Look

Asking Questions

Expressing Your Feelings

Identifying Your Feelings

Talk About Your Feelings



Mixed Emotions

Listening: A Two-Way Street

Hearing or Listening

Listening During a Conversation

Listening for Information

Following Instructions

Reflective Listening

Active Listening

Positive Feedback

Communication - English

Communication - Spanish

Drawing Lesson Improves Communication Skills

Enthusiasm and Attitude

Enthusiasm Videos

Workplace Skills

Focusing on the Positive

Attitude Inventory Teaching Strategies

Bury Those Negative Thoughts

Kindness Week

Positive Attitude - K-4

Positive Thinking Activity

Pursue Excellence


Random Acts of Kindness

Fairness 4-6

Fairness K-3

Exercising Respect 4-6

Patience 3-4

Patience 5

Patience 6

Sportsmanship 3-5

Teamwork: Skills to Pay the Bills English

Teamwork: Skills to Pay the Bills Spanish

Workplace Skills

Networking English
Networking Spanish

Text Vs Email

It's a Small World

Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

Perseverance 5

Identifying Problem Causing Behaviors

Refocusing Your Attitude


Finding Alternate Solutions

Learning From Mistakes

Thinking Before Action

Making Wise Choices

Accepting Consequences

Group Problem Solving

Problem Solving and Critical Thinking - English

Problem Solving and Critical Thinking - Spanish

Conflict Resolution

Workplace Skills: The Toothpick Factory



Trustworthy K-1


Conflict Resolution and Self-Discipline - English

Conflict Resolution and Self-Discipline - Spanish


Dealing with Anger Toward Others

Character Counts

Professionalism - English

Professionalism - Spanish

Self Reflection Activity

Positive Mental Attitude - English

Positive Mental Attitude - Spanish

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