Alabama law requires that all children between the ages of (3) six and (2) seventeen be enrolled in and attend school.  In addition, new state law amendments (Ala. code s. 16-28-16, as amended by Act 1999-705) provide that all children who choose to enroll in school even if not of compulsory school age, are subject to the school attendance and truancy laws of the state.  All students should attend school regularly and be punctual for all classes in order to receive the greatest benefit from the instructional program and develop habits of punctuality, self-discipline, and individual responsibility.  There is a direct relationship between poor attendance and class failure.  Students who have good attendance generally achieve higher grades and enjoy school more.  Attendance at school shall be one of the factors considered in determining the promotion of a student from one grade to another or in any given course.



 According to the Alabama State Department of Education, excused absences are as follows:

(a) Student illness

(b) Death in the immediate family

(c) Emergency conditions as determined by the principal

(d) Legal quarantine

(e) Summons to court

(f) Prior permission of the principal as requested by parent or legal guardian


All other absences are unexcused and will be marked accordingly in the attendance register.  If a student’s absences exceed five days in a nine week grading period and there is reason to believe the student was not too ill to attend school, the student may be required to submit a doctor’s statement verifying the illness in order for him/her to receive credit for the nine weeks grading period.  No passing grade for a nine weeks will be given to a student whose unexcused absences exceed three days.  Additionally, no passing grade for a semester will be given to any student whose unexcused absences exceed five days for that semester. No passing grade will be given to any elementary student whose unexcused absences exceed ten days in a year.

Ten absences per semester shall be considered the maximum number of absences allowed for students to receive a passing grade in a class or course. Any absences over ten will be coded unexcused unless there is a verified medical condition or illness that requires additional absences from school. Documentation on this medical condition shall be on file in the school’s main office.  Attendance in each individual class will be counted to determine if the absence maximum has been exceeded for that class. Elementary grades will determine absences in full day increments.

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