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Emergency Calling System
Emergency Calling System

One Call Now is the emergency calling system used by our schools to contact parents for various activities and reminders.

Superintendent Rodney Green uses the system to notify parents and contacts in the event of weather emergencies, school closings or delayed school opening.


Parents and Students

The information for this calling system pulls from the student management system at your student’s school. That information is edited each year using the corrections parents provide on the school registration form.

If your contact numbers change, it is necessary for you to provide updated information to your student’s school office. Phone calls are not acceptable. There must be verifiable documentation of any change to your student’s record in order to maintain the confidentiality and security of the data.

If your phone number, address, or emergency contact information changes after you have completed the registration form at the beginning of the school year, please contact your student’s school for the correct procedure to update the information and provide documentation needed.

Not affiliated with our schools

If you need assistance because you are receiving a phone call from One Call Now and you have no connection to our schools or system, please contact Gary Noles for assistance at or (205) 274-5600.

Replay an unclear or garbled message

If you receive a call from One Call Now 877-698-3261, take the following steps to hear the message again.


·         Call 1-800-698-3261

·         Follow the prompt to “repeat the last message for your group”

·         One Call Now will sync your phone number with the data for Blount County Schools and replay the message.


Opt Out

If you have chosen to “opt out” of future phone calls by accident, please contact for assistance.




Staff members have the option to have two numbers called by One Call Now. If your home phone, cell, or either of the two numbers provided changes, please use the information under documents and the link for staff to make the necessary changes.