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State Textbook Adoption Schedule

All textbooks fall within one of six state adoption areas.  Each year, one of these areas comes up for adoption, and all textbooks bid for adoption by publishers are considered by the Alabama State Textbook Committee, which makes recommendations to the State Board of Education.  The state review and adoption process usually begins in May and ends in November.  Following final adoption by the State Board of Education, each school system  adopts textbooks locally.  The following is the schedule of adoption in Alabama:


     2005   Science

     2006   Arts Education and Foreign Languages

     2007   Language Arts (Reading and Literature) and Driver and Traffic Safety

     2008   Language Arts (English, Handwriting, Speech, Spelling, Dictionaries)

     2009   Mathematics, Health, Physical Education, Career/Technical Education, Technology Education

               Postponed by the Alabama State Department of Education

    2010   Social Studies

               Postponed by the Alabama State Department of Education

    2011   Science

               Postponed by the Alabama State Department of Education

     2012   Mathematics

     2013   Language Arts

     2014   Social Studies

     2015   Science, Driver and Traffic Safety Education

     2016   Arts Education (Dance, Theatre, Music, Visual Arts)  Languages Other Than English

     2017   Career and Technical Education, Technology Education

     2018   Mathematics, Health Education, Physical Education

     2019   Language Arts

     2020   Social Studies