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Welcome to Curriculum and Instruction!

The mission of Blount County Schools is to create lifelong learners by providing quality education and meeting the needs of all students.





The Curriculum and Instruction Department serves the needs of the teachers and administrators of the Blount County School System by providing the services and support to enable schools to provide the best educational program possible for all children.  To this end, every possible effort is made to assist teachers and administrators throughout the System to provide support, resources, and professional development.

Instructional Content for Blount County Schools

The primary sources of instructional objectives for the Blount County School System are the various Courses of Study of the State of Alabama.  These documents guide all instructional content, grades Kindergarten through twelfth.  They are utilized throughout the instructional process:  lesson planning, implementation, presentation, and evaluation. 

2014-2015 Priorities:

1)  Decrease the number of high school dropouts.

2)  Increase high school graduation rates.

3)  Provide a challenging curricula for all students at all levels.

4)  Provide interventions and support for struggling students.

Report Cards

Report cards are issued following the conclusion of each nine-week grading period. 

Pass/Fail/Retention Information

Guidelines for students passing or failing a grade or subject are available in the Blount County Board of Education Policy Section 5.5.  The information is also printed in the Blount County Parent-Student Handbook.

See the Blount County Board of Education Policy Section 5.5  or the  Blount County Parent-Student Handbook for Graduation Requirements.  For further information, contact your school counselor.

Student Support Services

The Blount County Board of Education provides a variety of support services and opportunities for its students.  Among them are Special Education, At-Risk Student Support, Dropout Prevention, and Problem Solving Teams (PST).